I'm attempting to set up a test environment where the software is being developed on host machines then tested in a Virtual Machine and the VM has all code mapped to a Z:/ drive. My issue is that Apache is complaining and won't start up saying that I have an invalid Include path of Z:/source/myconf.conf. Anyone have luck previously of setting conf files up in a different different drive path that can help me understand what I'm doing wrong? I've tried with and without quotes as well.

Include path statement:

Include "Z:/source/myconf.conf"

Answers to additional questions:

Z is a virtual drive through VMWare also known as \\vmware-host

The specific error in the Application logs is as follows:

The Apache service named  reported the following error:
httpd.exe: Syntax error on .. of C:/.../httpd.conf: Invalid Include path Z:/source/myconf.conf     
  • What kind of drive is Z:? Sep 16 '13 at 15:25
  • What is the exact error message in the error log ?
    – user9517
    Sep 16 '13 at 15:25
  • Added answers to your questions
    – ars265
    Sep 16 '13 at 15:30

Try Include //vmware-host/sharedDriveOrFolderName/source/myconf.conf

For VirtualBox Include //VBOXSVR/virtualBoxSharedFolderName/yourLocation/myconf.conf


Map drives are a per-user configuration, you should use the UNC path, or map the drive as that user (cmd run-as)

1) use the UNC path (igor's answer should suffice)

2) map Z for apache

If you don't have a password set for your service user, you'll need one.

runas /noprofile /user:domain_computer\apacheuser cmd
net use Z: \\server\share /user PA$$W0RD

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