3 ESXi 5.1 hosts, 4 virtual XENAPP servers (3 in production, 1 test server), 300 users (50 PC's, the rest is on clients), Exchange 2010

One Citrix user's Outlook suddenly won't show reminders anymore. Everybody elses works just fine.

So far I tried
1) In outlook: Show -> Reminders -> 0 reminders (this is the problem).
2) In outlook: Checked (and checked again) that reminders are set correctly. Files -> Settings -> Advanced -> reminders -> Show reminders -> checkboxed
3) In outlook: Changed setting to cached mode. Works, resetting back to none-cached mode. No go.
4) Logged him off, deleted his Citrix profile (this kinda fix most), logged him in again, no luck.

I hoped that reversing cached mode in step 3 would make outlook sync everything back to the exchange server. Do I misunderstand something here? Also, I've been reading about 'outlook /cleanreminders' and 'outlook /resetfolders' could do the trick. Will these commands also apply to a Citrix clients? (and how to do it - im quite new to Citrix).

Im not sure why, but I'm having a hunch that its not so Citrix related, but more outlook/exhange related. But again, im new to Citrix.

Any thougts and suggestions are highly appriciated. Thank you.


Take Outlook out of cached mode and then delete the OST file. Then put Outlook back in cached mode and see if that fixes the problem.

/resetfolders isn't likely to do anything because that restores missing default folders, which is not your problem.

/cleanreminders might work but I would follow my first suggestion first. It sounds like there's a problem with the OST file.

  • Thanks, I tried as your suggested, but unfortunately no luck. There is a difference though. When I make a new entry in the users calender, outlook flashes the reminder window for a second, with all the reminders there, and then its gone again. – Rubaijat Sep 18 '13 at 10:50
  • Yepekayaa - it works! I deleted all notifications more than one month old. Thats it - apperantly one of them blocked the rest. – Rubaijat Sep 18 '13 at 11:10

After reading the FAQ it seems to be okay to answer your own question. It's already in the commentary above, but to close it off, here goes:

The problem was with outlook, not with Citrix. As stated above, I deleted all notifications older that one month (users best guess to when the problem accured), and bingo - the remaining reminders showed up as supposed to.

I wish I could give more details into whether it was syncronization error og what else, but this is all I got.

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