I use mtr to count number of hops to a host and pass that number to a script. I discovered -l (or --raw) option which produces an output ready for parsing. However, I'd like to know where to find this raw format description? Unfortunately, man and google give me only this:


          Use  this option to tell mtr to use the raw output format. This format is better suited for archival of the measure‐
          ment results. It could be parsed to be presented into any of the other display methods.

In their source files MTR has file named: FORMATS


From that file is the excerpt:

The "raw" format is:


h <pos> <host IP>

p <pos> <pingtime (ms)>

d <pos> <hostname>

t <pos> <pingtime> <timestamp>

Timestampline is not  yet implemented. Need to find out how to do
ICMP timestamping first. :-)
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  • what is <pos> ? – anu Jun 1 '19 at 4:21

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