I have been trying to get PHP-FPM to work with Apache 2.4, but mod_fastcgi does not work with 2.4. Is there any solution to this problem? I want to run it using an UNIX socket, but I cannot find any tutorial on this, they all use

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I installed Apache 2.2 with mod_fastcgi and it works using UNIX sockets.

Snippet of configuration from my httpd.conf is:

<IfDefine FASTCGI>
    <IfModule mod_fastcgi.c>
        Alias                   /php5.fastcgi /var/www/example.com/cgi-bin/php5.fastcgi
        FastCGIExternalServer   /var/www/example.com/cgi-bin/php5.fastcgi -flush -socket /var/www/example.com/php-fpm.sock -idle-timeout 30
        AddType                 application/x-httpd-fastphp5    .php
        Action                  application/x-httpd-fastphp5    /php5.fastcgi

        DirectoryIndex index.php index.html

PHP-FPM is listening on socket /var/www/example.com/php-fpm.sock.

PHP-FPM's configuration (inside a pool):

listen          = /var/www/$pool/php-fpm.sock
listen.owner    = apache
listen.group    = apache
listen.mode     = 0660

I did not succeed with mod_fcgi. Apache 2.4 now has mod_proxy_fcgi which I didn't tested. You need something with that can work with external FastCGI servers and don't manage the processes itself.

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    I would suggest to be more restrictive on file extensions to avoid injection attacks such as malicious.php.jpg. Replace AddType with <FilesMatch \.php$> SetHandler application/x-httpd-fastphp5 </FilesMatch> Jan 5 '14 at 0:30
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    Nevermind. There is a PHP-FPM configuration option security.limit_extensions that has a default value of .php which does exactly the same. (Well, maybe not exactly the same.) Jan 7 '14 at 14:27
  • Still, it's worth checking. I will check both, thanks! Jan 8 '14 at 9:29

There is a patch for mod_fastcgi that compiles against Apache 2.4: ByteInternet / libapache-mod-fastcgi (Currently, the tag byte/2.4.6-1byte6+apache24 and the branch byte include this patch.)

Before you compile the module with apxs apply the following patch:

patch --input=debian/patches/byte-compile-against-apache24.diff

Then compile / install / activate:

apxs -ciao mod_fastcgi.so *.c

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