Our uncle let us fix their HR System (Human Resource System), and we gathered these problems: (The problems to be presented must be only fixed by automation(computer program))

  1. They have a very old hardware (since 1999) for the system, the Server is running Windows NT 4.0 Server and to be able to access it they have a client, Windows NT running in a virtual machine, with HOST OS of windows 98 (since 1999).

  2. They have a very old printer (since 1999) attached to the client computer. The model/brand is Kyo Cera. The printer has a parallel connector.

Our real problems are:

1.1 Does Windows NT 4.0 compatible to newer computer builds, so we can just install the OS in there?

1.2 If not, what causes it? Is there a limitation for the OS to be installed?

1.3 Is the printer compatible to newer computer builds together with the client OS?


1.4 For illustration purposes of our propose solution: We may assume that:

we now bought:

-new computer with windows 7 OS

-new printer(usb) .


Is it possible to have/ run properly and smoothly a Windows NT 4.0(client) in a virtual machine like "Virtual Box" with a HOST OS of windows 7?

1.4.1 Can the virtual OS access the windows NT 4.0 Server and read/write data to it?

Can the virtual OS access the new printer and be able to print? .


*we can't find many information regarding this topic many don't exist/deleted.

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    Hyper-V does not support Windows NT as a guest OS, and ServerFault does not support homework and research questions.
    – DanBig
    Sep 20 '13 at 17:01
  • thanks and sorry for inconvenience, can you elaborate your answer regarding the hyper v? Sep 20 '13 at 17:15
  • If your uncle is also your professor, he should ask for more funds from the department for the infrastructure
    – mfinni
    Sep 20 '13 at 17:24

This isn't going to work. No modern hardware or hypervisors support NT4. This is a driver/HAL issue and there is no easy way around it. This is why people in your position hoard old junk hardware like the precious.


We currently run NT4 on VMware vSphere 5.1 - although Build 799733 no longer supports NT4. However, this is not recommended. Do yourself, and your uncle a favor - update the hardware. Contact the software vendor and get an updated version of their software as well. From personal experience, it's not worth the headache you're about to endure.


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