I am trying to access a Shared Drive on box that is running 2012 and I'm getting an error:

Windows cannot access \\drivexyz\D

You do not have permissions to access \\drivexyz\D. Contact your network administrator.

Apparently I am the network admin on this box (not my expertise).
I've removed the drive and re-added it. I've changed the permissions from RO to RW. I've added "Everyone" to the permissions. Nothing has worked.

Any ideas?


Posting a link as an answer is frowned upon but the question is really a very novice Windows question.


You can follow that guide for 2012 and be just fine.

Sharing a drive/folder/path usually follows:

  1. share the drive/folder/path with the proper "Share level" permissions
  2. Set the proper NTFS level permissions on the folder(s)/file(s) themselves in that "Share"
  3. Test and confirm the share
  • you are 100% right! I am admittingly a novice in this area. I appreciate the link. I was able to follow along and I am no longer getting the message. It is now asking me for my credentials and it won't accept it for some reason. Any thoughts on that? – webdad3 Sep 24 '13 at 14:30
  • If it is asking for credentials, then the one you are currently logged in as doesn't have rights (check "effective permissions" directly on the server share/folder). Make sure you have given that user both share level AND file/folder level permissions. Also check "net use" from a cmd line and either remove existing connections or simply log off the workstation and back on and test again. – TheCleaner Sep 24 '13 at 14:33

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