I'm trying to control apache based on cookie values, but I can't seem to get SetEnvIf to work with HTTP_COOKIE. I've boiled this down to some simple logic to isolate the issue and be easy to test.

Apache 2.2.22 on Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS.

What I'm using is:

     Header set Set-Cookie "cookie1=1"
     SetEnvIf HTTP_COOKIE "cookie1=1" is_cookie1
     Header set Set-Cookie "cookie2=2" env=is_cookie1

Using Chrome's resources tab, I am inspecting the cookies for the page. What I expect to see is:

  • First page load, cookie1=1 exists
  • Second (and subsequent) page loads, cookie1=1 and cookie2=2 exist.

Instead, all I ever get is cookie1:

Chrome cookie inspector

If I add the line:

     SetEnvIf Remote_Addr ^192\.168\. is_cookie1

Then cookie2 is set immediately, as I'd expect, so the last Header ... env=is_cookie1 line appears to be fine.

I also tried to verify that HTTP_COOKIE was being set correctly:

     RewriteRule ^/test/$ /test/%{HTTP_COOKIE} [R=302,L]

Now going to /test/ immediately redirects to /test/cookie1=1%3b%20cookie2=2 as I was expecting, and so HTTP_COOKIE seems to be set properly.

I've also tried a bunch of variations of SetEnvIf and nothing seems to work:

     SetEnvIf HTTP_COOKIE "^cookie1=1$" is_cookie1
     SetEnvIf HTTP_COOKIE ^cookie1=1$ is_cookie1
     SetEnvIf HTTP_COOKIE "^.+$" is_cookie1
     SetEnvIf HTTP_COOKIE ^.+$ is_cookie1


     SetEnvIf HTTP_COOKIE ^.*$ is_cookie1

sets cookie2 immediately (on first load) in any situation (which... is not useful at all. but at least it tells me this line does something).

What am I doing wrong?


I was facing the same issue and this page comes at the top of Google for apache setenvif cookie so I thought I would share how I fixed this.

I was able to match against the cookies by using the Cookie variable rather than the HTTP_COOKIE variable, i.e.

SetEnvIf Cookie "cookie1=1" is_cookie1
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I don't know if this will solve your problem, but I can offer 2 things:

  1. a hunch that even though you've ordered the directives properly [Header... SetEnvIf... Header...], the order of processing of the relevant modules providing those directives might make their interplay an issue. Which suggests an alternate angle of attack might be worth trying.

  2. a different mechanism for the cookie-setting might help: try using a mod_rewrite RewriteRule that does not actually route the request (note the "-" target), but merely sets a cookie:

    RewriteRule ^/index.html - [CO=cookiename:cookieval:.example.com:1440:/]

You can add a RewriteCond to check for the env var and thus conditionally set the cookie like this:

RewriteCond %{ENV:VARNAME} value
RewriteRule ^/index\.html - [CO=cookiename:cookieval:.example.com:1440:/]

It might even meet your requirements to skip setting env vars altogether and just set the 2nd cookie based on the presence of the 1st, keeping all the logic within mod_rewrite:

RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE} cookie1
RewriteRule ^/index\.html - [CO=cookie2:2:.example.com:1440:/]

HTH! :) Chris

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