I configured automated export of my SQL azure db, but backups are not created. Also, I'am resieved this mail.

Automated SQL Export failed for [servername]:[dbname] at 25.09.2013 23:06:45. The temporary database copy was made, but this copy could not be exported to the .bacpac file in storage.

NOTES: We recommend checking that the storage account is available, and that you can perform a manual export to that account. We will attempt to export again at the next scheduled time

I tryed to export db manualy in this storage accaunt — it was created without problems.

  • I'm also seeing these issues. Happens maybe once a week (with daily backups) and they seem to be transient since during other days the backups succeed. – Juha Palomäki Oct 28 '13 at 9:37

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