I have a network in which DNS is automatically updated with a record for hosts when they get an address via DHCP (isc-dhcp-server & Bind configured with DDNS updates). The DHCP server is configured so that a certain host with a complicated hostname gets a friendlier mapping [foo] on the DNS server via 'ddns-hostname' option in dhcpd.conf. I also want this host to have a second record [bar] so it can be resolved via either name. Since Dynamic DNS is in place, it is not possible to modify the zone file manually (normally I could just add multiple CNAME records).

How can I accomplish having multiple DNS records for a host via DDNS? The 'ddns-hostname' option only allows one value, and having a second 'ddns-hostname' entry simply overwrites the first.


You absolutely can modify the zone file manually, at least as far as I know.

What you need to be careful of is that you freeze the zone before modification or there is a possibility that you will create an out of sync condition for the zone file.

rndc freeze {zone}

After that, you can edit the zone file with your favorite editor. After you finish

rndc thaw {zone}

I've been using this process for quite some time.

As for having ddns add multiple A records or CNAMES to the zone, I don't know that this is possible. I've never found a solution to that issue and have gone the route of adding manual records for the few machines I need this capability for.

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