Can sense.com ( domain) receive all email and then forward to newtest.com(another domain)? For example, sent email to abc@sense.com , by the DNS, email will transfer to @sense.com first. And then seeking mailbox “abc”. So can we forward all received email in sense.com to newtest.com(abc@sense.com forward to abc@newtest.com), even though abc@sense.com doesn’t exist. Server can directly forward the mail to newtest.com (just change the domain name).

P.S. both domain exist.

Domain Server Type:Microsoft-IIS/8.0 Would like to use Microsoft Exchange service

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    If you want answers applicable to your situation, it would help if you told us what mailserver you're actually using. – Jenny D Sep 30 '13 at 7:13

With sendmail, one can have a virtusertable entry that reads

@sense.com  %1@newtest.com

that will accomplish what you want. Because you don't specify your MTA of choice, it's hard to know whether that's of any help to you. Note also that if the MX for newtest.com is on a different box, and that box checks SPF on inbound email, you'll also need to arrange for SRS (or an equivalent) to rewrite the envelope-From, to prevent the destination MX from rejecting many of the emails out of hand.

Edit: the above will forward email originally destined for, eg, fred@sense.com to fred@newtest.com regardless of whether fred@sense.com is a valid user or not. If fred@newtest.com is a valid user, delivery will complete; otherwise, a bounce will be generated.

Edit 2: not in the slightest, no; sendmail is a free MTA that runs on UNIX platforms. If you'd made it clear at the beginning that you were using MS Exchange, I could have saved both our time by saying nothing, since I know nothing at all about MS Exchange.

  • all account should be created in the domain sense.com in order to forward to newtest.com. What if a email account (name@sense.com) not exist in sense.com. But name@newtest.com is existing. Can it still forward the email name@sense.com to name@newtest.com? – ASSTPW Sep 30 '13 at 6:44
  • See my edit above. – MadHatter Sep 30 '13 at 7:05
  • Is it applicable to Server Type :Microsoft-IIS/8.0 ? – ASSTPW Sep 30 '13 at 7:10

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