We have set up SQL Server to send out alerts when jobs fail. Text messages are sent to 1234567890@txt.ATT.Net, and they show up on our phones.

However, the alerts come in from a weird 9-digit number like (201)100-218, (201)100-219, (201)100-220.. notice the increment?

I want have a special ringtone to alert me, but I cannot do that because it sends a new phone number every time, and I cannot add a contact for that.

Of course, AT&T isn't going to change their email-to-SMS policy just for me.

What do you Sys Admins / DBAs do about alerts and special ringtones in cases like this? Are there alternatives that would send alerts / notifications from a single number?

Is there a way of working around this issue?


You sign up for an account with something like Twilio, Clickatell, etc, and use their APIs for sending messages.

As you are finding out, carriers' email-to-SMS gateways are not meant to be used for anything critical or production-quality. With the advent of smartphone push notifications, my forecast I that these email-to-SMS services will be gone within a few years.

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