I know that Microsoft CRM 2011 is compatible with SQL Server 2012 since UR6 (UR10 for SP1).

According to official documentation:

During an upgrade or a new installation, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server Setup sets the database compatibility level to 100, which is the compatibility level of Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

I'd like to know if "SQL Server 2012 compatible" means that I can bump the compatibility level to 110.

  • Documentation I was referring to is a bit old and assumes new installations will be on SQL Server 2008. Will a new new installation on SQL Server 2012 still set the compatibility level to 100? – Simon Carpentier Oct 10 '13 at 16:13
  • IF CRM sets the compatibility level to 100 why would you want to set it to 110? – joeqwerty Oct 10 '13 at 16:15

Whereas I do not know for 100% certain, I would be hesitant to assume that you can. If the installer sets it to that it's probably going to be best to leave it. You could test it in a lab environment to confirm for your own needs, but it might be that you put yourself in a non-supported environment if you change it.

There are breaking changes in compatability level 110 as detailed here. Some of those could very well affect CRM.

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