I am trying to test a pilot system with nginx connecting to uwsgi served application controlled by supervisord running on ubuntu-server. Application is written in python with Flask in virtualenv, although I'm not sure if that is relevant. To test the system I have created a simple hello world with flask. I want nginx and uwsgi both to run as www-data user.
If I launch uwsgi "manually" from root shell I can see uwsgi processes runing as appropriate user (www-data). Although, if I let supervisor launch the application something strange happens - uwsgi processes are runing under my user (friendzis). Consequently, socket file gets created under wrong user and nginx cannot communicate with my applicaion.
note: the linux server runs as Hyper-V VM, under Windows Server 2008.

Relevant configuration:


socket = /var/www/sockets/cowsay.sock
chmod-socket = 666
abstract-socket = false

master = true
workers = 2

uid = www-data
gid = www-data

chdir = /var/www/cowsay/cowsay
pp = /var/www/cowsay/cowsay
pyhome = /var/www/cowsay
module = cowsay
callable = app


command = /var/www/cowsay/bin/uwsgi -s /var/www/sockets/cowsay.sock -w cowsay:app
directory = /var/www/cowsay/cowsay
user = www-data
autostart = true
autorestart = true
stdout_logfile = /var/www/cowsay/log/supervisor.log
redirect_stderr = true
stopsignal = QUIT

I'm sure I'm missing some minor detail, but I'm unable to notice it. Would appreciate any suggestions.

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You should specify an environment option in the program section. For example:


See Subprocess Environment for details.

Also, a similar solution is proposed on stackoverflow


How do your run supervisord ? are you sure you did not run it from the shell (with your uid) ?

Are you sure you need supervisord ? You can easily attach uWSGI to upstart or systemd (eventually with the uWSGI Emperor)

  • I'm runing supervisord as a System V service (installed with apt-and-friends). Supervisord itself runs as root (output from ps confirms that). I've tried rebooting the VM, and logging in directly to a root shell only to witness the same result. I just can't figure out where that UID 1000 comes from. I'm not sure if I REALLY need supervisor, but it seems to be a nice tool to control related non-WSGI apps
    – friendzis
    Oct 21, 2013 at 16:02

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