I'm trying to use msbuild/webdeploy with teamcity to deploy to IIS. However, I'm getting an ERROR_USER_UNAUTHORIZED error message and link pointing me to this page on iis.net.

I'm using the Web Management Service to do this and I can verify that the username and password exist (I can log into the server with that combination), the site exists and the the user has IIS manager permissions:

Image showing manager permissions

So what am I missing out?

Edit: New screenshot to answer @dirt:

enter image description here


Right there in your screen shot: "The server is configured to accept connections only from accounts with Windows credentials.".

Main level IIS Manager > Management Services > Allow both Windows and IIS Credentials

Reference: http://www.iis.net/learn/manage/remote-administration/configuring-remote-administration-and-feature-delegation-in-iis-7

Also make sure you have added the user to both the Server level IIS Manager Users and the Site level IIS Manager Permissions:

Server level: Server level

Site level: Site level

And finally check this page: http://www.iis.net/learn/publish/troubleshooting-web-deploy/web-deploy-error-codes

Diagnosis - This error code can surface because of a number of different reasons. It typically indicates an authentication or authorization problem, and can happen because of any of thee following reasons:
User does not exist
User does not have IIS Manager access to site if connecting using Web Management Service
Site does not exist
Password is incorrect
Resolution - If connecting using the Web Management Service:
Verify that the username and password are correct
Verify that the site exists
Verify that the user has IIS Manager Permissions to the site's scope
Resolution - If connecting using the Remote Agent Service:
Verify that the username and password are correct
Verify that the user account you specified is a member of the Administrators group on the remote computer. NOTE: If you are not using the built-in administrator, create a new group called the "MSDepSvcUsers" group and add your new administrator to that group.
Verify that the site exists

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