I am unable to connect to my server on my local network (VM).

I have multiple servers I am able to connect to.

When I try to putty into the server, I get the message

Incoming Packet was garbled on decryption

What I've tried:

I googled and tried to implement their solution -- force blowfish and ssh2. Still does not work.

How do I fix this?

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I just had this problem. This is what I did to fix it:

Download latest version of PuTTY (I was using 0.62 instead of 0.63) In PuTTY configuration, go to Connection->SSH and move "Blowfish" to the top of the list under "Encryption cipher selection policy".

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    Why does this work though? lol
    – Ryan Glenn
    Oct 24, 2021 at 0:30

i had the same problem "Incoming Packet was garbled on decryption".

for the connection i used:

> putty.exe -proxycmd "plink.exe john@ -P 22 -nc -i c:\Users\john\.ssh\id.ppk " john@  -i c:\Users\john\.ssh\john.ppk

the solution=> First of all launch "plink" part of the command:

> plink.exe john@ -P 22 -nc -i c:\Users\john\.ssh\id.ppk

it will ask "the server host key is not cached". Just click "yes", "yes" etc.

After that launch full command:

>putty.exe -proxycmd "plink.exe john@ -P 22 -nc -i c:\Users\john\.ssh\id.ppk " john@  -i c:\Users\john\.ssh\john.ppk

in my case it solved the problem.

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