Using WinSCP and Notepad++ changed content of php file. Save.

Then in web browser open the changed file. But see previous content. The changed (new) content appears only after ~3 minutes.

Here https://stackoverflow.com/a/1581067/2465936 found related question. And answer that it is related with cache time. So as understand need to change cache time? Where to change? Suppose in php.ini? What to change? Tried to reduce session.cache_expire = 180 but no solution.

May be it is because of Varnish http://www.servermom.com/install-varnish-3-to-run-with-apache-2-on-centos-server/552/ ? May be to try to uninstall?


It is because of Varnish program. Possibly need change configuration. Or can uninstall

yum remove varnish

Then edit httpd.conf (change ports to 80)

Then service httpd restart

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