I'm having this large named.run file sitting in my server.

What I find out is that it is just a log and it is safe to delete it.

Some suggest to run logrotate on it, but I was wondering if it is possible to configure the max limit of the size or don't generate at all?

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Sounds like you might have started named in debug mode, which can cause large named.run files. By default named saves debug information to /var/named/named.run file. You can stop writing to it by disabling debug mode.

To check that your named is running without the debug option:

ps -aux | grep named

You may get a response like this

named -d 3 -c /etc/named-master.conf

If the -d flag exists try to restart named without it and check again

With regards to the named.run file, it is safe to delete but you need to stop named first.

Other useful info:

rndc notrace  # will disable debug in bind
rndc reload   # will reopen file handles

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