I have an IIS project which is stored on a Samba shared, network mounted with the following line:

X: \\my-samba-server\dev /user:freddie

Connectivity is fine, can read/write files from X:.

In IIS, I'm trying to set it as the Physical path via \\my-samba-server\dev\folder\to\my\files, which results in the following 500.19 error:

Config Error | Cannot read configuration file due to insufficient permissions

It is by default trying to use the Pass-through authentication. If I try to set this to connect as the specific user freddie, I receive:

The specified user does not exist

What is the correct way to connect to a path which has been setup as described above?

**Samba man pages indicate version 3.6 is on the Debian host*


OK, the resolution was to add a local user (yes, for connecting to a remote drive that Windows has no trouble mapping to a network drive otherwise).

With the local user named freddie, I was able to specify that user name and connect fine.

Referenced from this thread.

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