We're using Powerbroker open (Version 7.1) to authenticate Active Directory users into our Oracle linux (V6.4) (servers.

I have a user "Joe Blow", who was added to the Active Directory group, "unix_xyz" today. (for users of the xyx application). I wanted to verify that Joe was correctly seen on the linux server, so I ran the PB utility list-groups-by-user to verify. The group does not show up in Joe's list of group memberships.

I checked a second server in the domain. Joe's group membership shows properly. I've run the "enum-groups" utility to see if the server saw the group in the AD domain. It's visible. A second user added at the same time with the same groups is listed correctly.

I've deleted the powerbroker cache on the user in question a couple of times, and restarted the lwsmd daemon a couple of times to no avail.

Does anyone know of a way to force Joe's credentials through again so his group memberships are seen properly?

TIA Dave

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