After our vendors have setup a certain test environment, we need to go in to perform connectivity testing between PC to servers and also between servers.

The problem is that we run a range of tests to telnet between 2 nodes on several ports and this is a manual and rather tedious process.

Does anyone know of a small tool or script that I can take input on the range of ports to be test and will run an automated range of testing against those ports? All I need to do is to validate whether a TCP connection can be established from the source PC / server to the target server IP address / port.

Thanks, Wong

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You can use a portscanner like nmap

You can use -P to specify individual ports, or ranges: -P 25,80,110,1024-2048,3306

  • Strictly speaking, nmap is the best fit for my use case, with one major problem: it's completely banned. I just spent the past couple of weeks trying to get an exception to the rule but failed. My client's IT security team is adamant that anybody using nmap is a threat to the network and refuses to compromise on this.
    – feicipet
    Dec 3, 2013 at 16:29

The netcat/nc and possibly expect tools are good for this. With nc for example you can set a timeout and then interrogate the exit status of the command

nc -w 1 example.com  80

would return an exit status of 0 after 1 second if a connection can be established and 1 if a connection cannot.


For a long term monitoring you should use nagios. You could also configure notifications and escalations when something fails.


  • I'm more looking for a basic shakedown tool that will be removed as soon as the work is done. Nagios is more of a long term solution which doesn't fit this scenario as well.
    – feicipet
    Nov 8, 2013 at 5:10

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