So nagios can be good at graphing particular resource utilisation or other metrics, but I'm looking for a tool that can output a chart or other graphical representation of how much CPU time/CPU utilisation /all/ services on a server are currently consuming. I think New Relic could probably achieve this to an extent, but I was wondering if there was a popular open source app used for this.

In case I am explaining this in a bad way, my actual problem is that I have a shared server with suexec enabled (ie. httpd cgi running under multiple user accounts). I'd like to know which users are using the most CPU during periods of the day.

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Graphite! See Dashboards for Graphite.


Use Newrelic.

It's a simple and quick solution, especially if you're trying to troubleshoot a single server and don't have an existing monitoring framework.

It will give you this information for free (with 24-hour retention) and down to 1-minute granularity.

enter image description here

enter image description here


RRDtools does enable you to have a circular database (to prevent the database from storing too much data) AND to make nice graphics.


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