I've purchased an SSL cert from Godaddy and received the 3 following files:

4379ygfhd9745gh.crt gd_bundle.crt gd_intermediate.crt


According to the Sysaid guide I was attempting to comply with, I need a ROOT Cert, a Intermediate Cert and the actual certificate in order to implement SSL in my server.

I have no idea which is which but I assumed gd_intermediate.crt was the Intermediate cert in question. So far all attempts to follow through Sysaid's guide failed when reaching:

keytool -import -alias tomcat -keystore name.keystore -file certificate_filename

I get either

"Public keys in reply and keystore dont match"


"Certificate reply does not contain public key for

I have no idea where to go from here...

Please help!



I ended up taking the 2nd and surprisingly easy approach.

If you're looking to implement a authenticated SSL certificate with SYSAID, I'd strongly suggest you generate a request on IIS, re-key it with your provider and eventually export it as pxf (pfx?). It is then a matter of 1 line to add in your Sysaid XML file and you are done.

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