I want to transfer only files with special extensions (like only *.tar.gz, *.war) in one scp command (Debian Linux). Is this possible, if yes how is the syntax?

Should be someting like:

scp'*.tar.gz *.war' .

But this is not working.


This absolutely is possible

scp\{*.tar.gz,*.war\} .
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  • This works, but it's asking for that password twice. – markus Nov 15 '13 at 10:43
  • Ah yes, I'm using keys, so I don't get prompted at all. Answer modified the above should only ask for the password once. – GeoSword Nov 15 '13 at 10:46
$ ssh 33 ls \{\*.log,\*.py\}

$ scp 33:\{\*.log,\*.py\} /tmp/
engine.log                                                                                                                   100%   45     0.0KB/s   00:00    
install.log                                                                                                                  100%   18KB  18.0KB/s   00:00    
parser_lex.py                                                                                                                100% 2600     2.5KB/s   00:00  
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