I have a Puppet module that I use to mount a CIFS share. Both the puppetmaster and the agents are running SLES 11.

The mount works manually with this command:

mount.cifs //servername/path/to/share /opt/some/dir -o auto,credentials=/root/.smbcred

But when puppet tries to mount it, it fails:

hostname:~ # puppet agent --test --verbose
notice: /Stage[main]/module_name/Mount[/opt/some/dir]/ensure: defined 'ensure' as 'mounted'
err: /Stage[main]/module_name/Mount[/opt/some/dir]: Could not evaluate: Field 'device' is required

Here's the relevant section of the init.pp for the module:

file { "/opt/some/dir":
    ensure => directory,

file { "/root/.smbcred":
    owner   => root,
    group   => root,
    mode    => 0644,
    ensure  => present,
    content =>  "user=username\npass=password\ndomain=$domain\n",

mount {"/opt/some/dir":
    device => "//servername/path/to/share",
    name => "/opt/some/dir",
    atboot => "true",
    ensure => "mounted",
    fstype => "cifs",
    options => "auto,credentials=/root/.smbcred",
    require => [ File["/root/.smbcred"], File["/opt/some/dir"] ],

The credentials file does get written and the directory does get created. But the mount just fails. Any ideas?

  • The style guide suggests quoting variables in donne quoted strings like "#{this}". FYI. Nov 27, 2013 at 13:30

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name field is redundant

Does the mount work after the credentials file gets written and the dir created?

run it with --debug

are there errors in /etc/fstab ?

  • Yep. It was an error in the /etc/fstab file. I removed the offending line and puppet works fine. Now I have to figure out what put the bad line into the fstab. The hunt continues.
    – Ed Manet
    Nov 25, 2013 at 14:38

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