I have a GPO that restricts MMC creation. When users who this GPO applies to login they are greeted with "MMC could not create the snap-in."

I understand there is normally a checkbox that prevents Server Manager from coming up but of course I cannot uncheck it without seeing the MMC, and besides, I would have to have every user do this.

How can I prevent the Server Manager from loading for users who cannot use it anyway?


To Set it though Group Policy, follow these steps :

  1. Click on Start > Run
  2. Type GPEDIT> MSC > hit OK
  3. The Local Group Policy Editor snap-in will open
  4. The policy that we are interested in can be found by expanding the following: Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Server Manager

  5. Right click on the policy : Do not display Server Manager automatically at logon , click Properties

  6. Select the RadioButton beside Enable > Click on OK
  7. Close the Local Group Policy Editor snap-in
  8. Click on Start > Run > type gpudpate > click on OK

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