A user of mine came to me with a question today that has me stumped: Why do .musecore files on our web server show a bomb icon (Apache Bomb Icon) instead of a folder icon?

More generally, how does Apache decide what icon to display, and where can I inspect and/or change that configuration?


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By default, the bomb icon is displayed for core dumps, and the default configuration assumes that any filename or directory name matching a regex like ^*core$ must be a core dump.

This option is controlled by the AddIcon directive of mod_autoindex which is also visible in the default extra/httpd-autoindex.conf file:

AddIcon /icons/bomb.gif core

If for some reason you have named your directory 'core' the bomb image will be displayed. If it not a core dump, simply change the directory name to something else and the bomb image will be replaced with the usual folder image.

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