I'm a sys admin administering three air gapped (zero internet access) supercomputers. On one of the supercomputers we need to run Bugzilla. I already built my own local yum repository, but now I need to get Bugzilla up and running, which requires a local CPAN. I built a local CPAN on my laptop following the instructions I found here:


And rsync'd the CPAN over to the supercomputer's home directory. When I went back into the Bugzill dir to run the installation, the install-module.pl can't find a local CPAN directory. How do I configure my supercomputer's perl to automatically know where its local CPAN lives so I can finish my Bugzilla task?

  • Does the CPAN.pm shell work at all? Can you do cpan and then run test Some::CPAN::Module? – Slaven Rezic Nov 28 '13 at 8:47
  • Yes. But it tells me it can't find the needed packages. – Lynn Dec 1 '13 at 2:01

I figured it out. And I hope this helps anyone traveling the same dark path that I've been on. Apparently, when the config process seemingly asks for 5 different paths for sources, authors, etc for the new local CPAN...what it really means it to give it ONE path. Just one. Five times.

Like so: /root/CPAN/


/root/CPAN/ then /root/CPAN/sources/ then /root/CPAN/authors/

Nope, just the same root path to CPAN for all the paths the config process asks you for (this is for a fully rsync'd CPAN build).

Yay Perl.


Does setting up Bugzilla actually require a local CPAN?

Depending on what OS your supercomputers run, perhaps there are packages for a number of the Perl modules. And, for those for which there are not, or for where the package is too old, you can either:

  • create newer packages; or
  • manually install the modules in the $BUGZILLA_HOME/lib directory; or
  • CPAN-install them on another box running the same OS, and then just copy across the entire "lib" directory

Gerv (Bugzilla developer)

  • I guess I was leaning towards the CPAN because there seemed to be quite a few modules. Now that I have the CPAN built, how can I set the configuration on the server to point things to it that need Perl packages? Or am I oversimplifying it? – Lynn Dec 1 '13 at 2:00
  • So I've all but given up on configuring CPAN to be used locally. I did build one from an rsync...but nothing works. I set /root/CPAN/as the url for it in urllist, but I keep getting the msg "Warning: no success downloading '/root/CPAN/source/01mailrc.txt.gz.tmp160800'." Anyway, do I just untar the module in the lib dir you mention here? For all of those modules? Why does Perl stuff have to be so cryptic? – Lynn Dec 12 '13 at 23:41

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