I use wine + teamviewer on fedora to remote to windows host. The teamviewer is work fine but the performance of wine is so bad. It make my CPU high. Is there any linux tool for remote desktop to windows and any windows tool for remote to linux desktop ?

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As mfriedman suggested you want rdesktop, it is much easier to use it with the tsclient, gnome-rdp, or krdc frontends.


You can use rdesktop to establish an RDP session from Linux to a Windows system.

To do the opposite (i.e., connect to a Linux desktop from Windows) there are several options. For example, you could run a VNC server on your Linux box and connect from Windows by using a VNC client.

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    -g flag for resolution. rdesktop server -g 1280x1024 Commented Aug 19, 2009 at 2:53

GNOME (on Ubuntu, I'm pretty sure it is part of GNOME proper) includes tsclient, which is a fancy front end to rdesktop (with saved profiles, checkboxes/dropdowns for everything, etc).

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