In my office we must use the Outlook Web App, instead MS Outlook. I would like to edit the HTML message to include some accesibility help for the clients, because they are blind and they work with JAWS.

For example, I would like to introduce a <span lang> when I use words in other language, or <abbr>, or at least, alternative text for images.

Is there any way to achieve this, maybe with plugins or something?

If it helps, my OWA version is Premium 14.


I had the same frustration. I wanted to edit my own html code and could not find a way to di it in Outlook Web. I decided to open a blank Notepad document and put my html code there. Then I change the file extension on the document from '.txt' to '.htm'. I opened the document up, selected everything, and pasted my results into my Outlook Web email. To my surprise, it worked!

Note: You need to have file extensions showing in order to be able to change a file extension. Go to Control Panel > Folder Options > View, then uncheck the box in front of: "Hide extensions for known file types"

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