I've got a new install of Ubuntu 12.04 + Virtualmin. I've upgraded from the default mysql 5.5 to Percona 5.6. Everything works except for one problem: when the server reboots, Percona is not automatically started. If I run "/etc/init.d/mysql start", everything works, so it is not a problem with the mysql/percona configuration, it is just that it does not start automatically.

I know there is a difference that mysql under virtualmin was started with "service mysqld start", but percona only works with init.d, and that is supposed to prevent me from using virtualmin/webmin to start/stop/restart mysql now, but what do I do to at least make it start after reboot?

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This should make mysql start at boot

sudo update-rc.d mysql defaults


From the command line, update-rd.d is used to manage unit scripts.

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