I have successfully made an AMI and able to launch instances from this image from my AWS account successfully. However, as soon as I try to launch an instance from this AMI from some other AWS account specifying keypair other than whats in the AMI authorized_keys already, it doesn't let me login to instance with the new keypair(for obvious reasons). I am assuming that i need to implement some sort of mechanism to download the custom keypair specified in the instance creation wizard of Amazon AWS into the authorized_keys of the newly created instance.

Looking for hints on how this can be achieved !!



Take a loot at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CloudInit.

You need to set up the AMI with it and it will update the authorized key.

It's also available at other distros.

You can also make a script (for instance rc.local) and grab the value at:


Amazon exposes lots of information through metadata.

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