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We're moving servers and I need to make a list of all software installed in our server so we could install it too in the new one we'll get.

Current server details:

  • Redhat Enterprise Linux 5
  • Using Virtualmin / Webmin to do occasional config changes
  • I know basic SSH commands, enough to move files around, restart services, install & uninstall, etc.

Is there a command I could use to make a list of all installed software in our server? And also possibly find out what version we're using?

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To get a list of all installed rpms, you can do rpm -qa. To find out which config files have changed, you can again use rpm: rpm -qa | xargs sudo rpm -q --verify --nosize

Anything that was installed without using rpms is a wild guess, but you should get a good idea from looking at /opt, /usr/local and /home

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    Just want to add another way to make a list of installed software: yum list installed – officeboi101 Dec 17 '13 at 16:49

If you install all rpm packages then you can type rpm -qa to give you a list. There are other ways to install software (like tarballs) and those aren't tracked ( by the rpm database or any other method that I'm aware of.).

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