We have an existing ELB on EC2. It's got a GoDaddy issued wildcard ssl cert. I've downloaded the new .crt and gd_bundle.crt from GoDaddy.

In ec2 I go to the load balancer, click the certificate, choose to upload a new cert. I copy the existing private key into the private key field. The contents of the new .crt into the public certificate field and the contents of gd_bundle.crt into the certificate chain field.

When I try and save it I get the error "Invalid Public Key Certificate."

The certs are in PEM format (or they seem to be)

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Turns out I was missing that my key was not an RSA key, I needed to do the following:

openssl rsa -in company.key -out company_rsa.key
  • Awesome, no idea how I generated it as not an RSA key, but thanks!
    – Joe Hoyle
    Dec 18, 2013 at 15:19

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