I would like to redirect the command executed along with the output to a file.

for example: #ls >ls_out.txt

ls_out.txt should be something like :


file1 fil2



You could use "script" command: Something like this:

localhost:test_sf user1$ ls
file1   file2   file3
localhost:test_sf user1$ script ls_out.txt  #starting script command ls_out.txt will contain output
Script started, output file is ls_out.txt
bash-3.2$ ls 
file1       file2       file3       ls_out.txt
bash-3.2$ exit

Script done, output file is ls_out.txt
localhost:test_sf user1$ cat ls_out.txt  #verify the contents now.
Script started on Wed Dec 18 12:05:23 2013
bash-3.2$ ls 
file1       file2       file3       ls_out.txt
bash-3.2$ exit

You will just have to get rid off "bash-3.2$ exit exit" piece.

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  • Superb..I never know that there is something like "script" command exists in Linux . I kind of overlooked your answer and didn't understand it properly. – kumar Dec 20 '13 at 7:08

I use a function for this kind of thing:

echocmd() {
    echo "$@"


$ echocmd ls -ltr > ls_out.txt
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  • Thanks.. we can add this line too. echo "whoami@hostname""$" "$@" in place of echo "$@" – kumar Dec 19 '13 at 5:37

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