I updated OMD to the current version using the following:

omd update <site>

Everything appears to update fine, but now my servers with the check_mk agent installed show (null) and I do not have current data. Here is a weird bit: it will inventory the services just fine, so the agent is working on the server to some extent. I have also attempted:

check_mk -II
check_mk -R

But that, too, did not work. If I spin up a new site and add one of the servers, it inventories fine, so I find it odd that an existing site is having issues getting updated information. I am hoping somebody can help me with this issue.

Thank you in advance!


does this also happen if you do

cmk -v server_host_name

or will that correctly return a status? If it works fine, there's two routes to look into:

  1. Precompiling of checks is broken cmk -R does do that, but maybe it actually failed. I'd try cmk --debug -R (most of cases, this should be the issue) and even if that came out OK, I'd also delete the precompiled checks from var/check_mk/precompiled

  2. A non-working nagios core (omd status), or issue with the config of it. (i.e. if you'd use livecheck or mod_gearman and this stopped working, or if the check result files aren't read any more...)

In any case, check the Nagios logfiles for this and the --debug -v flag to check_mk will also help you.

  • Hi Florian. Thanks for the reply. I will give this a shot tomorrow at the office and report back. Dec 23 '13 at 0:57

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