I'm encountering issues with a OAB that was migrated from Exchange 2003 to 2010. I've moved the OAB using Move-OfflineAddressBook and set the new Exchange 2010 as generation server. Nevertheless the OAB version is still 0.0. That means that I can not enable web based distribution for that OAB. I tried to upgrade the OAB using Set-OfflineAddressBook "name of oab" -ApplyMandatoryProperties which resulted in an error saying

MinAdminVersion should not be empty when Exchange Version is 0.10 (

Is there any way to upgrade the OAB to support web distribution?

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Nevermind, solved it by setting the msExchMinAdminVersion of the OAB using ADSIEdit. Go to CN=Offline Address Lists, CN=Address Lists Containers, CN=YourOrganisation, CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services, CN=Configuration, DC=yourdomain, DC=com, right click on your OAB and set the msExchMinAdminVersion propterty to -536840812.

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