According to the Mail Flow Permissions page the following roles are required to do Message Tracking:

  • Organization Management
  • Records Management
  • Recipient Management

The domain admin has these roles assigned to it. Yet when I login to EAC I am still not able to view delivery reports for other users. On the other hand I can see the admin's reports and I can login to OWA with my own user and see reports for myself too.

Clearly this is a permissions issue but I don't know what more I need. I'm probably just not noticing the instructions somewhere in the docs.

Below is a screenshot: What my "Delivery Report" looks like.


The problem is user error. I discovered that I was looking at my permissions with the wrong cmdlet. I was using Get-ManagementRoleAssignment and should have been using:

Get-RoleGroupMember "Organization Management"
Get-RoleGroupMember "Records Management"
Get-RoleGroupMember "Recipient Management"

I've corrected the missing permissions and, as expected, everything is working after a logout/login.


It is not necessary to add the administrator to Organization Management or Records Management.

The solution to the problem is to ensure that the administrator is Mailbox Enabled in Exchange.

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