I have taken over a server that has tons of SQL Server related bits installed, and as far as I know, there are no applications on the server requiring the use of SQL.

There are different SQL Server tools, versions etc. all installed. How can I find out what is using each version of SQL or if they are even being used at all?

Here's a screenshot of what I'm looking at:

enter image description here


One way would be to shut all of the SQL server components down, or block the port (1433) at the firewall, and see if anyone complains or anything breaks.

I don't mean to be glib, and I realize that that might not be an acceptable solution in a production environment, but if no one seems to know of any reason to run those services, it might be a reasonable way to find out, especially at off hours.

  • Would all versions etc. above use that same 1433 port? – user2656114 Dec 22 '13 at 23:28

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