I have a static website (www.example.com) hosted through AWS S3 and Route53. The customer registered their DNS through GoDaddy; www.example.com traffic works great.

On that static website is a "contact me" form that I want to point to "office.example.com". I want the "office.example.com" URL to resolve to an EC2 instance.

I added a CNAME record for "office.example.com" to Route53, using the Elastic IP for the relevant EC2 instance:

settings for my new AWS Route53 CNAME record

After saving the altered recordset, I attempt to navigate a browser to http://office.example.com, but I'm getting a "Server Not Found" error. Do I need to be patient and wait for the DNS to propagate, or have I configured the Route53 recordset incorrectly?


That isn't how a CNAME is used. If the resource record you are creating needs to reference a target that is accessed via lookup of another hostname, you use a CNAME. If the target is an IP address, you need an A record.


  • Switched it to an A record with no other changes. Immediately browsing to the URL didn't work, but after waiting a few minutes it gets me through. Thanks for the assist. Dec 30 '13 at 15:39

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