I'm using a Windows Server 2008 R2 domain controller with Active Directory Certificate Services installed. It's configured as an Enterprise Root CA.

I have configured a custom certificate template so that I can generate extended validation SSL certificates from the CA.

In many of the EV SSL certificates, the following OIDs are specified in the "Subject" field of issued certificates: = ORGANIZATION TYPE = STATE = COUNTRY

For example: = Private Organization = Arizona = US

I'm trying to see if there is already a place for me to specify these custom OIDs and their values to be used when requesting the certificate through Active Directory from my CA.

I took a look at an EV SSL Hotmail certificate, and its certificate has the OIDs above in its Subject field:

(source: yffaz.org)

If I use the MMC certificate snap-in and select "local computer" and attempt to request a certificate using my custom certificate template using supplied values, I only see the following items, and none where I can specify an OID:

(source: yffaz.org)

Does anyone have an idea of how I might accomplish this?


The command-line certreq tool will allow you to include arbitrary extensions (by OID) in your request but the tool is somewhat less than intuitive to use.

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