When doing a mongotop, on my mongo inst6allation I get the following data

mydb_live.my_logs 10303ms 10302ms 1ms

So the total is 10303ms, the read is 10302ms and the write is 1ms.

Now when doing a db.system.profile.find with the profileLevel set to 2, I do not get any slow queries that may explain the 10303ms time spent in the mydb_live namespce.


Is the data reported by mongotop irrespective of the queries? i.e. does it include any background processes like index rebuilding?

Thank you for your time.


You can have multiple concurrent reads for a particular database - that is the total time being spent in that database for reads by all the reads that are active. Assuming you are running with the default interval of 1 second for mongotop, there might be (for example) 5000 reads that are being serviced in ~2ms over that second. If you are running a longer interval, the numbers would be less dramatic.

Setting the profile level to 2 will show you all operations in the profiler. So if there are no slow queries in there, you aren't seeing any slow queries.

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