I have a java with spring web app (war), I will not use any jee features that don't run on tomcat. I already call and expose webservices, but I do it with bundled cxf.

Currently I am using tomcat7.

  • Is Jboss better for administration than tomcat ?
  • Does Jboss provide more statistics/metrics ? (tomcat provides almost none).
  • Does jboss provide any resources (processor, memory, number of open files) usage monitoring or graphs ?
  • Maybe instead tomcat and jboss You would recommend some other open source application server good for monitoring and administration

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Tomact7 is still way to go in your case. Web part of Jboss is exposed through tomcat anyway, so for one spring app it is definitely a huge overkill and learning curve to learn jboss and host it on jboss, jboss doesn't really add any additional resources in that case in the nutshell, if you had a webfarm of apps then that where jboss comes in handy, as it is easier to do clustering and administer resources within apps. Instead of using tomcat I would probably suggested to try and use heroku which is quite straight forward.

Hope this helps.

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