I have Multiple VM's on Windows Azure. Default, they come with 1 network adapter and you can only assign 1 virtual network (Availability Set)

My question is : possible to connect 1 VM to more then 1 virtual network (By adding a second network adapter for example)?



No. Each Windows Azure VM has a single NIC. A VM can be in only one VNET.

Note that an availability set is different from a VNET. An availability set is a way to group VMs in a way that they are not subject to a single point of failure - think putting VMs into different racks. A VNET is a virtual network


As of October 2014, Multiple NICs are now supported in Azure: http://azure.microsoft.com/blog/2014/10/30/multiple-vm-nics-and-network-virtual-appliances-in-azure/


As May 22, 2014, this is "This is currently under development!".

No ETA provided.



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