When a user types in www.example.co.uk/beta, I want the traffic to be sent to www.example.co.uk/beta/. But only for that url ie, when the url ends /beta.

How do I accomplish this in apache?

I have tried:

<Location /beta>
    DirectorySlash Off
    ProxyPass  http://testserver.co.uk
    ProxyPassReverse http://testserver.co.uk

With no success

Please note the proxypass directives are for my reverse proxy

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A simple rewrite rule to deal with the traling slash; straight from the apache manual

RewriteEngine  on
RewriteRule    ^/beta$  /beta/  [R]
  • Thanks. What I was mistakenly failing to realise was the location directive picks up both /beta and /beta/ and /beta/whatever etc. Adding that regex condition of $ at the end forces it to match only /beta and not /beta/ etc. Of course I put that rewrite rule inside the location Jan 9, 2014 at 9:08

Many ways to do it you might want to do it this way:

<Proxy /beta>
   ProxyPass http://testserver.co.uk/beat/
   ProxyPassReverse http://testserver.co.uk/beta/ 

This will work also:

ProxyPass  /beta http://testserver.co.uk/beat/
ProxyPassReverse /beta http://testserver.co.uk/beta/ 

You could also use ProxyPassMatch:

ProxyPassMatch ^(/beta)$ http://testserver.co.uk/$1/
ProxyPassReverse $1 http://testserver.co.uk/$1/

You can find out more here.

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