I am getting acquainted with AWS and I'm using Amazon Linux on EC2 to build a LAMP stack.

I read somewhere on the AWS site that the AMI 2013.09 had PHP 5.5 but when I installed it and followed the LAMP tutorial, http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/install-LAMP.html, I found that version 5.3 was installed.

Have I missed something? Or misread something perhaps?

I can no longer find the URL that detailed what was in 2013.09. Is there resource that details what's in each release?

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Amazon Linux provides PHP 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5 as options. yum install php55 will get the 5.5 version. yum search php will give you the various packages in a nice list to review.


Amazon Linux AMI 2013.09 Release Notes - found with a google search for 'AMI 2013.09'.


Steps (Use sudo only if required)

1) Remove OLD Apache

sudo service httpd stop
sudo yum erase httpd httpd-tools apr apr-util

2) Remove OLD PHP

sudo yum remove php-*

if it´s a clean installation start from here:

3) Install PHP 5.6 (Apache 2.4 will be automatically installed with this)

sudo yum install php56

4) Make sure all the required PHP extensions are installed

yum list installed | grep php

5) If not then install them using

sudo yum install php56-xml php56-xmlrpc php56-soap php56-gd

6) To list the other available php extensions

yum search php56

7) PHP 5.6 MySQL extension (Assume you have already installed MySQL)

sudo yum install php56-mysqlnd

(NOTE: it is not php56-mysql)

8) Start / Restart Apache

sudo service httpd start
sudo service httpd restart

9) Check the version

php -v
httpd -v

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