I'm trying to setup Intel vPro AMT KVM (Remote Desktop). I enabled AMT using the Intel SCS AMT Wizard. I'm now trying to use MCTME (shown in screenshot) to remotely connect to the computer. It works, but I need someone to read off an access code to me. This is what I assume to be "local user consent". When I try to disable it I get the error shown in the screenshot.

How do I use Intel vPro AMT KVM without needing someone to be at the other end?

EDIT: it seems the system is in "Client Control Mode", so that's why I can't change the setting. Any ideas on how I would change that?


  • Intel AMT: Active Management Technology. Hardware based remote control and management by Intel
  • KVM: Keyboard Video Mouse
  • Intel SCS: Setup and Configuration Software by Intel. Used to configure Intel AMT
  • MCTME: Manageability Commander Tool Mesh Edition

enter image description here enter image description here


during AMT configuration, make sure to check "Display advanced settings" and choose "User consent not required"

enter image description here

  • You cannot disable User Consent in "Client Control Mode". You have to setup Intel AMT into "Admin Mode". Only then you can set it as "not required". Jul 17 '15 at 7:41

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