• I have recently assigned to restructure a corporate network that contains about 100 client computers.
  • There is an active directory domain (2003 functional level) for the whole network.
  • The user uses two browsers: IE and Firefox

I have to switch from normal proxy (configured on each machine) to transparent proxy so i have to remove proxy settings from IE and Firefox (I have already implemented the GPO for IE with no problem)


I want to use GPO or similar to disable proxy in firefox, i looked up on google but with no luck


The company is located in a single site so the amministrative effort to implement the solution must be less than change directly the settings on each computer.

Thank you in advance


FirefoxADM is a custom ADM template for controlling Firefox through Group Policy.

Here is an instruction for adding templates to GPOs.

Here is a howto specific to FirefoxADM.


MozillaGPO project provides mozilla autoconfig.js module that allow managing mozilla software wia Group Policy.

It has advantages over FirefoxADM:

  • module update preferences from policy every hour (and not only when the user logs on).
  • there is no problem when Firefox is running before the configuration script
  • suitable for Thunderbird too.

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