i have an vhd-Image stored on a NAS. I can't directly mount it, because the NAS stores the file in an ext3-system (i read this is causing trouble). I can't copy the file to a NTFS disc, because it's huge, barely fits the available space and transfering would take forever. Is there a way to open the vhd in any other software? I read DeamonTools ultimate could mount vhd files, but this is not for free. Any cost-efficient solution?

Thanks for your help

//edit: I tried the testversion of deamon tools ultimate, and it tells me it didn't recognize the drive or the format. So probably the same issue.


Can you access your NAS from your Windows machine over CIFS/SMB?

If so, you can try mapping a drive to the SMB share, then in attach using DISKPART:

C:\> net use x: \\nas\share
C:\> diskpart
DISKPART> select vdisk file=x:\pathto\the_disk.vhd
DISKPART> attach vdisk
DISKPART> assign letter=y
C:\> dir y:

Make sure nothing else is writing to this VHD at the time, and expect the performance to be dire.

Otherwise, is it a Linux-based NAS, and do you have root/terminal access to it?

If so, you might be able to mount the VHD locally on the NAS and then copy the files that you need to (a share accessible to) your Windows box:

~# (yum install|apt-get|ipgk install|your-package-manager) virtualbox-fuse
~# mkdir /mnt/vhd
~# vdfuse -w -f /pathto/the_disk.vhd /mnt/vhd
~# ls /mnt/vhd
~# cp /mnt/vhd/Partition1/the_file_you_want.dat /usr/share/the_share
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  • Thanks for your answer. The first solution results in the same error then with the gui. I will try the 2nd one now. – Martze Jan 13 '14 at 16:58

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