I need to create many groups with email addresses. I would prefer to use Security Groups to reduce the number of groups we have to maintain, otherwise we'd have an identical Distribution Group for every one of these Security Groups.

We're using the groups for Google Apps, not Exchange. All I'm finding are Exchange solutions, and I'm not sure installing Exchange related tools and using the Mail-Enable command (etc) is the right way to go.

I can see via the GUI that input in the E-mail field sets the mail property, but I can't seem to figure out how I can set it using PowerShell. I would've thought this would work:

$group.mail = $email
Set-ADGroup $group 

But no luck.

How can I set the mail property?

Set-ADGroup "SecurityGroupName" -Replace @{mail="test@example.com"}
Enable-DistributionGroup -Identity 'acquisitions email' -Alias 'acquisitions-email'

The first answer given for this question applies an email address but doesn't provide any MSExchange attributes that are required for an accurate email address.

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    Did you read the question or just the title? It's not for Exchange. – MDMarra May 25 '15 at 23:03

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