I am inside Byobu on ubuntu 12.04 and entered an lxc-console. Unfortunately, the escape sequence for lxc appears to be cntrl-a q. However this clashes with Byobu's which also uses cntrl-a sequence. I tried this questions answer of using cntrl-a a q, but it appears that cntrl-a a tries to go to the next window in byobu! I also tried changing the escape sequence by using f9, but it appears that this is broken as it does not change from cntrl-a. What is the solution other than killing the container from outside that screen?


You could open up a second connection to an other tty.

Then you could use Ctrl+a,k to kill the screen window you are trapped in.

To prevent this from happening for consecutive sessions you can define the escape character to e.g. Ctrl+e:

# lxc-console -e '^e' -n containername

Using this answer, you can:

Send ctrl+a (enters the BYOBU command area), then, a to drop into the lxc-console command area, then q to quit the lxc console.

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